Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Alta Mira Hotel

Quel Dommage! This beautiful old hotel was a few minutes walk from my mother's and my apartment in Sausalito and a favorite spot to take out of town guests. In addition to dining on the lanai, which was legendary for it's view, the hotel had a seldom used small wood panelled dining room with pink table cloths and cozy fireplace (the perfect spot on a cold, foggy San Francisco day). The food on the terrace wasn't really good, but the frothy white Ramos Fizzes, made with orange flower water, gin, cream, lime, egg whites and super fine sugar all served up in a Tom Collins glass were delicious. Click to enlarge post cards.


  1. Miss Quickly,

    You were supposed to get married there, remember? Well, I suppose you could get a pedicure there before said wedding.

  2. No can't even do that. I am not a big enough celebrity yet.